Samhain Darts

This installation was featured in the Prospect 3.0 satellite group show Bamboula NOLA, which was on display in the Fall of 2014 at Tulane University.

Unfortunately only audio remains…

The work combines kinetic sculptural elements, original musical composition, and experimental lighting. The main concept of the work is to use sound vibrations (via a loudspeaker) to set sculptural objects into motion, with a focus on the visual over the auditory. This is achieved by taking ordinary loudspeakers, removing the paper cones (to dampen the sound level), then modifying them so that the oscillations of the main voice coil (at the center of the speaker) could vibrate a set of extra-long guitar strings. The speakers are further modified, essentially converting them into moving bridges for the strings. When specific frequencies are played, individual strings are set into sympathetic vibration, controlled by specially composed music. A secondary set of hanging objects (white feathers and styrofoam balls) vibrate due to contact with the primary strings. The entire installation is set inside of a fully-darkened cube structure lit only by black light, allowing just the feathers and balls to be seen.